What You Should Do After Beating the Outriders Campaign

Are you wondering about what to do after beating the main campaign of Outriders? Make sure to check it out

What to do after beating the campaign and main story of Outriders is a question that is popping up in the minds of players worldwide as the game has just been released and some players have plowed through the game in less than a week. If you’re someone who has completed the game and wishes to know about what to do after the game, you should definitely check this out.

What To Do After Beating the Outriders Campaign

If you have already completed the Outriders campaign the best thing that you can do is go back to your camp and look for the Expeditions tab. These are challenges that you can take on for higher loot and better gear and weapons in the game. You will also notice that the world tiers have now been replaced with challenge tiers, these challenge tiers will increase the enemy difficulty as you progress in the game.

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You can start the Expeditions in Challenge Tiers after beating the main storyline

When you’re playing any of the challenge tier expeditions, all the loot that you collect throughout the game will be stored in a chest that you can get after beating it. But there’s a way to get more loot, this can be done by lower your completion speed. This will keep you busy and give you something to look forward to do after beating the campaign in Outriders.

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You will need to race through every obstacle that comes your way in these challenge tiers and get to the end and complete them to get even more rewards in Outriders.

Once you’re able to do that you will be farming high-tier loot every time you jump into these expeditions. This is all there is to know about what to do after beating the Outriders Campaign.

While this is not the end, you can always take a break, and check out some other game or listen to your favorite tune. If you’ve missed out on any side quest in the game, make sure to check out our list of all missions in Outriders right here on Gamer Tweak.