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How To Easily Fix Divine Intervention Bug In Outriders

Are you stuck in the Divine Intervention quest in Outriders and wish to know how to fix the bug causing it? Check it out right here

Divine Intervention Bug in Outriders is making life difficult for players who wish to complete this quest and then move the storyline further, but the game isn’t allowing it and if you follow the quest marker you will be stuck there forever, but if you still wish to know how to fix the Divine Intervention Bug in Outriders, make sure to read everything below.

How To Fix Divine Intervention Bug In Outriders


To Fix Divine Intervention Bug In Outriders, you will need to ignore the quest tracker. You will have to travel to the Mountain Ropebridge and head towards the west, this is where you will find the actual Ropebridge. If you happen to follow, the quest track, it will lead you North-side where you won’t be able to complete it.

how to fix divine intervention bug in outriders
Check here to know how to fix divine intervention quest bug in Outriders

There is no explanation that is available right now which tells more about the faulty mountain ropebridge, but we’re hoping that future updates will be able to fix this bug at the soonest.


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For those who have already completed Outriders, you won’t have much difficulty navigating through the Divine Intervention quest area, but more often than not those who are pretty new to the game will struggle and eventually tire out and give up.

Whenever you get stuck, make sure to check out our Gamer Tweak wiki for all the information about Outriders that you’re going to need.


This is it to know how to fix Divine Intervention Bug In Outriders, while you’re at it you should also check out all the main storyline missions and side quests in Outriders so that you know how many mission and side quests there are in the game so that you do not miss out on any of them in the game.