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The Waylanders Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed

On the first day of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, one of the trailers revealed is the gameplay trailer for The Waylanders. It is a party-based RPG that takes the best elements from some of our favorite games. With unique formations, players can experience deep, tactical combat in the game.

Take a look at the official gameplay trailer right here:


The Steam page of The Waylanders reveals a lot of details about the game. It features character customization as well as the ability to change the camera from a top-down view to third-person view. Players have 6 basic and 30 advanced classes and 5 playable races that are based on Celtic mythology.

The Waylanders will also have a lot of companions that will add an extra dose of excitement to the game with their presence. Players can interact with them and know their story, play loyalty missions with them and experience romantic relationships with them.


There’s more – players can time travel between two different eras; the Celtic and Medieval. Interestingly, the choices that you make in one time period will impact the other, many times in surprising ways.

The gameplay trailer gives us a good look at the graphics and music that perfectly suit the setting of the game. It seems like the game will really take you along for a wild ride. The music sounds especially good and  that’s because it has been given by an Emmy award winner and Fallout’s main theme composer, Inon Zur.

The Waylanders will be available as a Steam Early Access game on June 16th 2020.