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How To Get Your first Weapon In The Surge 2 – Unlock Salvaged Gauger & A Sword

The Spear

Salvaged Gauger will be your first weapon in The Surge 2, a free weapon which resembles a Spear. It is a heavy long-range weapon that can offer you enough range to attack enemies and take them down first. For every weapon unlock you will need some Battery, or else you won’t be able to cut down the weapon and acquire it for your own self. Many weapons will be dropped by enemies which will be available during the beginning of the game, and you can later upgrade them for more damage and power.

How To Unlock Salvaged Gauger


As the game begins you will wake up in a prison, slowly making your way outside you will find Benjamin locked in the cell. After this, you will reach JCPD where you will fight with the first boss of The Surge 2, Nitro. A heavy armored enemy with an heavy hammer. If you are struggling to kill this boss then read our guide How to Kill Nitro, this is the only boss you will face without Exo-suite. After killing him unlock the first Medbay and equip the suit scavenging a body.

Return back to the hall and you will find a prisoner women in an orange dress. Kill it and cut the weapon out. Follow the one screen instructions to cut down the weapon. Once the enemy is dead you can collect the weapon that will be added into your inventory.

It is a long spear with 79 Damage at the start. The spear will offer you +25% Energy Gain and it consumes 85% Stamina while in use.


Unlock Empty INF-Labs Chasis

Empty INF-Labs Chasis is in the same room where you killed the women prisoner and took out the Gauger. There is a locked closet on the left of the dead body, the exact same place where the women was scavenging parts. To unlock this you have to visit Benjamin, there is a jammed door on the left of the Medbay room. Open it and to access the control room of Cell Block B. Interact with the console to open the door with the green blinking light. Benjamin is on its right, free him and return back to the main hall and open the closet to get sword type weapon.

It offers 78 damage, with 100% attack speed. You get +35% Energy gain and it consumes 90% stamina.


Unlock Equalizer – The Hammer

After freeing Benjamin to return back to the Medbay room, there is a path on the left which locked. A security Hallaway, this is the same place where you will get your first Implant a Directional Block Analyzer that will display the direction where you can block incoming attacks. On its right, there is a door where you will face an enemy with Equalizer.

It is an heavy weapon with 80 Damage and 95% attack speed. It will offer +70% energy gain and consume 135% of the stamina. The same weapon used by Nitro, the first boss of Surge 2.