The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello Links, Discord & Controls

Here are the Trello link, Discord server, and controls of The Strongest Battlegrounds.

Get connected with The Strongest Battlegrounds community using our Trello Links, Discord server, and Controls guide. The Trello will help you to understand the characters and their moves. Which will make it easier for you to create your own combo sets for each character. Similarly, the official Discord group will allow you to meet other players who have created combos and share tips and tricks for the same.

Apart from the moves and tips, you also get to learn about any changes and features faster than anywhere else with Trello and Discord. But before going into the depth of the character mechanism, you should first know and master the controls. So we have also covered the controls of The Strongest Battlegrounds. Read along and know them all.

The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello Link

The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello Link

Here is The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello Link that you are looking for:

As we mentioned above, Trello covers all the information you need to know about the game. There are General, Combat, Ranked, Characters, NPCs, Cosmetics, and other info you can learn from here. It also has information on the early access and Private Server+ characters like Sorcerer.

The Strongest Battlegrounds Discord Server Links

Discord is the most prominent social platform where Roblox players and developers interact. Discord structure allows developers to create sections for different things within one channel. Such as you will find a section for codes, queries, and updates. Making it more clean and accessible.

The Strongest Battlegrounds Controls

  • G – Ultimate Mode
  • F – Block
  • Q (while ragdolled) – Ragdoll Cancel/Evasive
  • Double Tap W – Run
  • Left Click (M1) – Punch
  • B – Emote Wheel
  • W + Q – Forward Dash
  • S + Q – Backwards Roll
  • A + Q – Dash Left
  • D + Q – Dash Right
  • Hold Space + M1 Combo – Uppercut
  • Final M1 ( Midair ) – Downslam

With this, you can now access The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello links, Discord server and use controls. If you found this guide useful, you might want to check out the The Strongest Battlegrounds codes and learn about the Metal Bat Adrenaline Demon.