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The Strongest Battlegrounds Metal Bat (Adrenaline Demon Attacks)

This is all you need to know about the Metal Bat or Adrenaline Demon of The Strongest Battlegrounds.

Curious about Adrenaline Demon aka Metal Bat of The Strongest Battlegrounds? At the time of writing Adrenaline Demon is an early access character; so developers might make some changes before the release. But here is all we know about it for now. The Adrenaline Demon is known as Metal Demon mainly for two reasons. First, the character has a bat. Second, it is inspired by The Metal Bat. And like Bald Hero, Destructive Cyborg, and Deadly Ninja its name resembles its characteristic. And so do its moves. So read along to learn about the attacks it offers.

All About The Strongest Battlegrounds Adrenaline Demon Metal Bat

The Strongest Battlegrounds Adrenaline Demon Metal Bat

The character excels in both long and short-range attacks. And its moves are capable of dealing great damage to its opponents. But they can only show their full potential when used as Combos. So you have to be agile on the foot. With this, let us now learn about all the moves of Metal Bat in The Strongest Battlegrounds.

  • Homerun: Throw your enemy on the right when they are facing you. And stun them with the ground smash when they are out of the range.
  • Beatdown: Metal Bat will dash towards the enemy, dealing six consecutive attacks. Five of these are hits, and the sixth is a ground smash for stunning.
  • Grand Slam: Allows you to hit the enemy from the air, sending them flying. If an enemy is already in the air, it will fall to the ground.
  • Foul Ball: Smashes the ground and swings to hit an enemy with the debris. If the enemy is close, it will be slammed on the ground.

Metal Bat or Adrenaline Demon Ultimate Move

  • Pumped Up
    It is the ultimate move of the character. Every time MB gets hit, the bar charge increases. In the end, it fills and lets you unleash the powerful combos. We can compare this to the nature of Metal Bat in the series. He becomes more engaged in the fight as much as he gets hit by an opponent. This might be the reason he is called Adrenaline Demon in this game.

That’s all you need to know about The Strongest Battlegrounds Adrenaline Demon Metal Bat. If you found this interesting, we suggest you check our other Roblox guide.