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The Room Three Is Going For 75% Off On Steam

If you love puzzle solving the game and are a bit of a bargain hunter then Steam has got your back, you can get The Room Three for 75% off right now. The game will see you lured on to an abandoned island and you will have to use your puzzle-solving skills to escape.

The reviews of The Room Three have been nothing short of extremely positive with 96% of people who played this game have given positive feedback. This makes it such a good deal to pounce upon and get it.


The puzzles are created by a mysterious figure only known as “The Craftsman” and basically, you have to outsmart this person. What makes this great is the fact that this is the third and by far the best installment in the series.

The game makes use of the title and has 3 endings for players to discover and the game doesn’t even hint as to which of the three endings you are going towards.

On a personal level, The Room Three is a great game to make use of your mind and apply yourself to solving intricate and difficult puzzles that keep on progressing as you move forward.


The Room Three is developed by Fireproof Games and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.