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Monster Hunter World: How To Get The Rocksteady Mantle

A complete guide on The Rocksteady Mantle, its location and uses.

Monster Hunter World makes you come face to face with some deadly monsters. The players, if not equipped with some serious armor might experience a rocky road. Some armors in the game however almost make you invincible. One such armor is the Rocksteady Mantle. This mantle is very difficult to get your hands on so let us help you. In this guide, we give you the ways to get the Mantle fast and its features so that you know why is it so important in the game.

How to Get the Rocksteady Mantle in MHW


The Rocksteady Mantle Monster Hunter World A-summons-from-below

Now first things first, the players need to be on high rank 50 or above. You will first need to complete the campaign i.e all the main missions and defeat the final boss of the game. Complete the ‘Beyond the Blasting Scales’ and ‘Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands’ quest with conditions of HR 29 and HR 49 respectively. Once these levels are complete, you will unlock the third tier of tempered Elder Dragons. Tempered monsters will only leave behind tracks that the players can find exploring. They will have to investigate using scout files to find them. You need to kill any 5 of these Dragons to unlock the ‘A Summons from Below’ quest whose reward is the Rocksteady Mantle in MH World.

Once the Dragons are defeated, head back to Ice Terror Armory. The lady there will provide you this optional 9-star quest called ‘A Summons from Below’. In this quest, you will have to hunt down Tempered Vaal Hazak and Tempered Odogaron in the Rotten Vale Location. Once this quest is complete, the lady at the Ice Terror Armory will give you the mantle as a reward. So to get the Rocksteady Mantle, reach HR50, kill any 5 tempered Elder Dragons which will unlock the ‘A Summons from Below’ quest whose reward is the Mantle.


Features of the Rocksteady Mantle


If you are into melee attacks, the armor will be extra useful for you. The Rocksteady Mantle prevents wind effects protecting you from monster roars and even ground tremors in MHW. With the armor on, the monsters cannot nudge or trip you down. It keeps you stationary holding your grounds. The damage reactions are prevented and the damage taken is reduced. This mantle is upgradable to Rocksteady Mantle+.


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