The Pokemon Company Launches Two New Games On Facebook’s Gaming Platform

The Pokemon Company has made a ton of money its games on various devices throughout the years, but the recent two games by the same company have been released on Facebook Gaming.

For anyone who saw this year’s The Game Awards, it was evident that Facebook is investing heavily in gaming and will try to make sure that there are more and more developers taking notice and being invested as much as possible.

Pokemon Tower Battle and Pokemon Medallion Battle are the names of the newest games which are exclusively available on Facebook Gaming.

CEO of The Pokémon Company said, “We are excited to launch two new entries in the Pokémon franchise on Facebook Gaming. Launching these games through Facebook will allow people all over the world to experience Pokémon in digital form, and we are especially thrilled to collaborate with Facebook Gaming in enabling new audiences to enjoy Pokémon games online.”

Facebook has been fighting privacy lawsuits in the past so it will be interesting to see if Facebook Gaming takes off and how many people would join in on this new platform.

We will keep you updated with Pokemon Tower Battle and Pokemon Medallion Battle as and when new information is available.

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