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The Medium: Butterfly Puzzle Combination (Red House)

Here's a quick guide on how to solve the Red House puzzle in The Medium.

The Medium has plenty of puzzles that players will have to solve to progress in the game. Since the game has just released there are tons of players who have been struggling to solve puzzles in The Medium. The puzzle which players are finding it hard to solve in The Medium is called ‘Red House’.

Apart from numerous wedding photos, there are two additional items that players will find upon enterting the ruins of the red house — Dollhouse and Butterflies. If you are struggling to solve Red House puzzle in The Medium then don’t worry, we have a guide covering the same in the easiest way possible. 

The Medium: Red House Puzzle Solution

The colored model butterflies you find around the Red House should be put in the following order.

  • Red
  • Yello
  • White
  • Blue

To find a hint, you will have to go downstairs of the Red House. Upon inspective the Red and Yellow butterflies, you will get to know that Red and Yellow butterflies should go in the first and second slots but what to do with White and Blue is yet to be ascertained.

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Once you place all of the colored butterflies in the correct order, a chest will be unlocked, revealing the final mask that players need. After obtaining the final mask, you will have to head back to the creepy faceless doll display and put the masks on the doll’s faces.

It should be noted that the moment you place the final mask on the doll, Marianna will be attacked by a swarm of moths and should instantly teleport our of the room through the mirror. Once you have returned to the physical world, the mirror will be destroved, letting you enter the basement and finally solve the tragedy of the Niwa hotel.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to solve the butterfly puzzle In The Medium’s Red House.