The Last of Us Part II New Trailer Will Be Shown Tomorrow

Naughty Dog finally announced that The Last of Us Part II has gone gold, which means it is ready to be shipped worldwide without any further delays. Even though there were too many spoilers and controversy over the title, many fans are still very excited about the premiere of the sequel.

The studio wants to celebrate with the community because The Last of Us Part II has reached its gold phase. For this reason, it is preparing a new trailer that will be revealed sooner than you think. Through its official Twitter account, Naughty Dog set a time and date for the presentation of the new trailer.

As we mentioned, the wait will be short, since the new trailer for The Last of Us Part II will be revealed tomorrow, on May 6. Naughty Dog was modest and only made the announcement with a teaser featuring the game’s logo. In the end, it is confirmed that the progress will be revealed tomorrow, specifically at 7:00 am PT. So, we would urge you to stay tuned on our website for the coverage of the announcement with all the information.

If you have waited for a long time for the game, we recommend that you should be alert, as spoilers are still getting leaked on the web. For this reason, it is important that you do not read the comments on the recent Naughty Dog post. In the end, we would definitely like to encourage you to avoid spoilers for the sequel or any other games, per se.

Sony confirmed late last week that it has already identified those who have leaked the gameplay videos of the title. According to the information, those responsible are hackers and not Naughty Dog or Sony personnel.

The Last of Us Part II will release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on June 19.