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Massive Last of Us 2 Spoilers Leak Online

The Last of Us Part II gets another setback

The highly anticipated game The Last of Us Part II has been hit with a leak. Unfortunately for Naughty Dog, some footage has leaked online which contains huge spoilers for The Last of Us Part II. This article doesn’t mention the spoilers (out of respect for the creators). It includes information about the leak which is probably one of the biggest leaks in recent times.

Sony acted fast and got the spoilers removed, but some clips are still available online. The clips include gameplay, cutscenes, the main menu and unfinished multiplayer code. It is unclear if this multiplayer will be featured in the final game or it will be cancelled. In the videos, there is a scene between Ellie and Dina as well as one between Joel and Ellie included in the leak. That’s all we’re telling you because these spoilers contain huge plot points.

We are not yet sure how these videos appeared online which have revealed some major details of the story. Fans around the world have been warned to avoid checking these leaked videos in order to protect themselves from massive spoilers. Apart from the delay in release, this leak has proven to be quite stressful for Naughty Dog and Sony. Sony is even refunding those who have pre-ordered The Last of Us: Part 2 digitally from the PlayStation store due to the postponement.

We hope more details aren’t leaked before the actual release, so that fans around the world can enjoy the game in the best possible way.

UPDATE: Last of Us Part 2 has an official release date! It’s releasing this summer. Get all the details here.

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