The Last Of Us Might Release Early 2020

Prasad More
2 Min Read

The Last of Us has been one of the most revolutionary games in the recent past and ever since it was released fans have been asking for a sequel, which Sony announced has been in the works for quite some time now but there has been no news about the release date as of yet.

But when Ashley Johnson sat for an interview recently with Critical Role, she accidentally might have revealed the release date of the game, when asked one of the questions in the interview was about the release date and you can clearly see her mouthing the words February before being interrupted by the interviewer.

This gives added support to the tweet by Jason Schreier who tweeted about the game being released in the early 2020, you can check out his tweet right below.

You can see his prediction about Death Stranding has been accurate and this new reveal by Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie might just come true.

As Sony was absent during E3, there wasn’t any announcement from the company but there’s still more time till February and things might get announced before it, and as the next generation consoles are being developed these current generation games will certainly be released before the consoles so there may not be much time before we get to see The Last Of Us 2 and many more.