The Last of Us 2: Naughty Dog Is Under Attack by Fake News All Over The Web

It seems that The Last of Us 2 and its development studio, Naughty Dog, are under attack. A lot of false information about the game and the studio have been circulating on the world wide web these few days.

If you have not heard the latest news, there was one 90-minute gameplay of The Last of Us 2 leaked on the Internet yesterday, which includes, among other things, an introductory video of the title and presents several key plots as well. The videos were soon deleted by the representatives of Sony, but many have ended up making a copy of the video and published it on the web.

In addition, the problems for Naughty Dog doesn’t end here because there is false information circulating about the studio, which at one point was spread by the video game news reporter Jason Schreier himself. He mentioned that even if all this information was leaked by an internal employee, it “just hurts all the other people who were in the trenches with you. So many better ways to channel that rage.”

Jason Schreier is an esteemed journalist who argued that the materials leaked might have come from one of the employees, but according to the latest information: this is not true. The editor is now looking for answers who is behind the leak, but it will not be easy, because apparently even the representatives of the studio alone cannot determine who decided to publish the leaked materials and how they got to them.

According to some reports, some employees are also laid off by Naughty Dog, while others have left the studio. However, it should be noted that none of the employees have officially confirmed the inconvenience associated with work, payments, or layoffs. The team is now looking to bring The Last of Us 2 to the market in the best condition as possible.

Remember that The Last of Us 2 will release on June 19 on PS4.