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The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer Will Be “Worth the Wait”, Neil Druckmann Confirms

Beyond the controversy that surrounded the final phase prior to its launch and the days after it, The Last of Us 2 continues to generate expectations, specifically for what will happen with its multiplayer mode, which had to be delayed in order to achieve the conclusion of the development of the campaign.


Although nothing has been said about what this component will offer, a recent post by Neil Druckmann caught the attention of fans. Through a post on his official Twitter account, Neil Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us 2, thanked fans who expressed their passion for the franchise as part of the celebrations for The Last of Us Day, but also took the opportunity to mention something that has been considered as a nod to the long-awaited multiplayer mode of the most recent installment.

In that sense, the creative wrote the following: “Thank you to all the wonderful fans for an incredible #TheLastofUsDay ! Your positivity and love is incredibly inspiring. Oh… and about that other thing… be patient. It’ll be worth it.”

So far, it is not known what the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us 2 will be like or its release date. However, months ago Naughty Dog pointed out that the development team is still a fan of the Factions proposal that handled the first installment, so it is likely that we will see something similar.

The Last of Us 2 is available on PS4.