The Last of Us 2 Requires 100 GB Minimum Download on PS4

It looks like players who want to play The Last of Us 2 in June will need to do a good cleaning of storage space on PlayStation 4. The official PlayStation website has revealed that the game will require 100GB of free disc space on PS4 to run the title.

In this case, it is said that the game of Naughty Dog will come on two discs in the physical edition, and you will need at least 100 GB free space on PlayStation 4 to play it. The information that The Last of Us 2 would come on two discs has been known since last September, but the 100 GB minimum requirement is something which is new.

The Last of Us 2 File Size

This makes The Last of Us 2 one of the greatest games of this console generation; thus, matching in Final Fantasy VII and Red Dead Redemption 2; and just below Destiny 2 (165 GB) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (175 GB).

Even more, an issue debated by fans in recent weeks, however, is the fact that physical copies could delay or reach stores with reduced units. This speculation has happened because of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in the world, which is affecting the production and economy of companies and countries.

Recently, Sony and Naughty Dog revealed that The Last of Us: Part 2 will be released on June 19, after being postponed a second time. The new date came a day after a leak that brought up several important parts of the plot.

Neil Druckmann, director of the game, said he was “heartbroken” because of this and Naughty Dog called it “disappointing”. Thus, it is speculated that the leak was made by a former employee of the company in retaliation for not having been paid by the studio.