The Game Awards Will Announce New Upcoming Games

The Game Awards is merely hours away and this is your chance to check out which games had the biggest impact on the gaming community, on top of this there was an announcement made that about 10 new games will be revealed.

This announcement has gotten a lot of people looking forward to the event and if you are excited you can check out the live show on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Facebook Live.

In a recent teaser of one of the most anticipated game Ghost of Tsushima revealed that the release date might be released for the game, this game has already garnered a cult following and with the setting of feudal Japan.

There was news about Half-Life: Alyx being showcased but recent developments in the story point towards a no show by the game, though it will be nice if we can get some info about Half-Life: Alyx from Geoff Keighly.

To catch the show you can log in to any of the following services at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST depending on where you live.

Of the 10 games that are to be announced, there have been no leaks and everything has been firmly kept behind the curtains for the full effect of when the games are being announced.

Make sure to let us know which game you are excited for and we will keep updating about The Game Awards live right here on GamerTweak.

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