The Game Awards 2020 Announced, Date & First Details Revealed

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that The Game Awards 2020 will take place this year despite the COVID-19 crisis. Today the date and first details of the digital event were announced.

A few weeks ago, producer and presenter Geoff Keighley made it clear that The Game Awards 2020 will take place despite the COVID-19 crisis. Since the safety of spectators and participants cannot be guaranteed due to the current development, Keighley and his employees are relying on a purely digital event this year.

As announced today, The Game Awards 2020 will take place on December 10, 2020, and will be broadcast around the world in the form of 45 live streams – including in 4K.

It also states that The Game Awards 2020 will not be recorded in a single theater this year. Instead, the event will take place in three different studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London. As part of the event, we can look forward to new announcements, updates on already known titles, time-limited demos, and sales.

“I think in the spring it was obviously clear that things were going to change this year. Initially we were developing a plan B in the spring because we knew likely things were probably going to change,” said Keighley of the challenges the creative minds behind The Game Awards were facing this year.

“I think we held out hope for a while that we were in December, so maybe over the summer things would get better and we might be able to go back to the traditional model. And then, obviously, I think by July it became clear to us that we were probably going to need to change our approach,” Keighley further commented.