Tips To Complete Test Your Metal In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Test your Meal is an objective in Sigrblot Festival that you can complete by defeating opponents in three rounds.

Sigrblot Festival is live and new objectives are unlocked in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There are new missions, challenges, and chances to earn tokens. Test Your Metal is one of the missions you will play in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here you will fight multiple opponents in three different matches. The objective is to survive three rounds of Swinda’s weapon testing. By surviving till the end will unlock some tokens you can later use to buy cosmetics. This guide contains information on how to complete Test Your Metal Sigrblot Festival missions.

How to Complete Test Your Metal Sigrblot Festival Mission?

AC Valhalla Test your Metal

Talk to Swinda to start to Test your Metal. You can find her easily, Sunniva will introduce her to you before you light the torch. This will mark the beginning of Sigrblot Festival. You will have to talk to Swinda thrice to complete this objective. Each time you will unlock a tougher level and here is how to complete Test of Metal easily.

There are only two moves that will help you to win the matches. Parry and Dodge. If you can do this you can easily survive till the end of the round and complete this mission. Follow the below tips to survive the rounds and do not forget to check How to Parry/Block and How to Dodge guides if you need more help with the moves.

  1. Pick Dual Daggers or Short Sword only.
  2. Watch for opponents turning red or gold. Dodge at all cost, do not engage or attack.
  3. Dodging will instantly move you behind the back of the opponents. Also, they will stun for a while unleashing combo attacks.
  4. Round 1 – 2 Opponents
  5. Round 2 – & 3 Opponents
  6. Round 3 – 2 Opponents.

In the first two rounds, you will have help, but in the last one, you will have to fight off your own. The best weapon to complete all three rounds is the Sword. Focus on dodging a lot, before a power attack the enemies glow in red or gold. You cannot block these attacks, they are powerful enough to throw you off ground. By instant dodging, you can jump behind the enemies and hit with combos. Rounds are small, so just remember the steps and you will be able to complete this with minimum effort.

You can have a look at this video below to have a visual guide on how to complete Test Your Metal.