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Terraria Master Mode Complete Guide With Tips (2022)

Looking for an even greater challenge in Terraria? You should try the master mode. Check out this guide to know all about it.

Terraria has a master mode that can be very challenging. And this mode is not to be confused with the hard mode or the expert mode. There are a lot of things that change in this mode like player, enemies, and boss stats. This game mode also has exclusive items that you get for playing and progressing in this mode. So in this guide let us learn all about the Terraria Master Mode.

Terraria Master Mode Stats and Exclusive Items Guide

terraria master mode complete guide

Here let us see what changes in player and enemy stats from expert to master mode. And we’ll also check the items drops that are exclusive to master mode.

Player Stats

  • You get an additional accessory slot in Master Mode. And when you stack it with Demon Heart you can get a maximum of 7 slots.
  • When the player takes damage, it is done completely instead of taking 50% or 75% damage in other modes.
  • The moment player dies they lose all of their coins.
  • When a player is affected by a debuff it lasts for 250% of the duration.
    • Poisoned
    • Darkness
    • Cursed
    • On Fire!
    • Bleeding
    • Confused
    • Slow
    • Weak
    • Silenced
    • Broken Armor
    • Cursed Inferno
    • Frostburn
    • Chilled
    • Frozen
    • Ichor
    • Acid Venom
    • Blackout

Enemy Stats

  • Most enemies get 50% more health, 50% more damage, and 10% more knockback resistance than their stats in Expert Mode.
  • Bosses get 27.5% more health and 50% more damage than their expert mode stats.

Exclusive Items to Master mode

  • King Slime Relic
  • Eye of Cthulhu Relic
  • Eater of Worlds Relic
  • Brain of Cthulhu Relic
  • Queen Bee Relic
  • Skeletron Relic
  • Wall of Flesh Relic
  • Queen Slime Relic
  • Twins Relic
  • Destroyer Relic
  • Skeletron Prime Relic
  • Plantera Relic
  • Empress of Light Relic
  • Golem Relic
  • Duke Fishron Relic
  • Lunatic Cultist Relic
  • Moon Lord Relic
  • Pumpking Relic
  • Mourning Wood Relic
  • Everscream Relic
  • Santa-NK1 Relic
  • Ice Queen Relic
  • Dark Mage Relic
  • Ogre Relic
  • Betsy Relic
  • Flying Dutchman Relic
  • Martian Saucer Relic

That covers everything you need to know about all stats and exclusive items in Terraria Master Mode. If you like playing this game then also check out our guide on cross-platform support for Terraria.