Is Terraria Cross Platform On PC, Xbox, PS, Switch, Mobile? (2022)

Find out if Terraria support crossplay between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Mobile players.

Terraria, the popular 2D sandbox game, has a multiplayer mode that’s pretty awesome. You can play Co-op or go PvP with other players. But this brings us to the question – Is Terraria Cross Platform? Can players from different platforms join via crossplay in Terraria? Let’s look at the current situation for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch players.

Is Terraria Cross Platform in 2022?

The short answer is no, Terraria is not cross platform. So, unfortunately, your friends on different platforms will not be able to play multiplayer together as of now.

terraria crossplay pc xbox ps mobile android ios

Is Support Cross-Platform on Android and iOS?

If you mainly play on Mobile, the good news is that iOS and Android players can play together. So, yes crossplay is supported between these two device types. But Mobile players cannot play with PC or Console users.

Is Terraria Crossplay between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch Consoles?

Even though all aforementioned platforms fall under the Consoles category, as of now there’s no crossplay option available between them. So, Xbox players will have to stick to playing with other Xbox players and it’s the same case of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users.

Crossplay is one of the most requested features that will certainly boost the popularity of Terraria even more. It’s one of the best games to play with a friend or sibling on another platform. But the lack of this function is mainly due to the restrictions depending on the platforms. Playing Co-op or PVP between PCs is a much simpler process but if you add consoles to the mix along with online multiplayer services, things start getting complicated. Plus, the regions that players use also come into the picture which further complicates things.

But it’s not impossible and many games have the cross-platform feature successfully enabled. As and when the developers add this feature, we will add the update in this guide with all the info. So stay tuned!

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