Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Tell And Change Time Of Day

Staying in the wild after dark is dangerous. You can pass that time of day through these methods in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The monsters, quests, NPC, and even consumables are affected by the time of day in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you roam outside the towns and cities after nightfall, you’ll encounter deadly monsters that only appear at pitch dark. Turning the Lantern on would help you spot and fight with them, but it burns the oil that needs to be crafted or bought. Rather than waiting for time to pass, here are some ways to tell and change it in DD2.

How to Tell Time of Day in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Tell Time of Day in Dragon's Dogma 2
Check the position of the sun to tell the time in DD2 (Image Credit: WolfheartFPS on YouTube)

There are primarily two ways to tell the time. The first is to go to the Pause Menu and see the ring surrounding the map. It is a clock that moves counterclockwise, where the position of the sun denotes the time of day. If the sun is on the right, it is morning, if it is up, then it is midday. Similarly, when the sun is on the left side, it is night, and when it is at the bottom it is midnight. The second way to find out about the time is through Pawns. They might not always tell but often say dialogue that indicates the part of the day.

How to Change Time of Day in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can pass time in three ways: through Campsite Kit, staying at the inn, and by dozing off at the special seats:

How to Get and Use Camping Kit

Get and Use Camping Kit in DD2
Place camping kit to pass the time in DD2 (Image Credit: FP Good Game on YouTube)

The camping kit can be obtained as loot or bought from a vendor at several locations. Such as, you can get the Modest Camping Kit for 500G from Runne’s Apothecary (Melve). They are reusable but heavy, so it is best to let your Pawns carry them. If you want a lighter version, you can buy the DD2 Deluxe Edition, with Explorer’s Camping Kit.

To use the kit, first look for the campsite. When you get near the campsite you will see the Make Camp option. By using that, you can find all the camping kits you have. Select and confirm to place them. You have to now Examine it to find Rest time options, like Rest till Morning and Rest till Nightfall.

Where to Find Special Seat in DD2 (Rest for Free)

Find Special Seat in Dragon's Dogma 2
Doze Off to pass the time in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Image Credit: GuidingLight on YouTube)

Special seats are the benches with a red cloth found in places like the stable of the settlements. On the map, you can spot them with the bench icon. Sit and select Doze Off to pass the time.

How to Use Inn to Change Time of Day in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How to Use Inn Service in DD2
Rest in the Inn to change the time in DD2 (Image Credit: GuidingLight on YouTube)

They are available in all cities and towns. You can recognize their buildings with fireplace sign boards around the doors. Talk at the counter, pay, and rest for the day.

With this, we wrap up how to tell and change the time of day in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If traveling through the same path to reach the same destination repeatedly is tiring you out, then you should activate and use Portcrystals to teleport.