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Team Sonic Racing Review: Gotta go Fast!

A fiercly competitive game hidden under the layers of childlike graphics.

From the outside Team Sonic Racing looks more like Mario Kart with some skin mod on top to make it different but only once when you get into the game and begin racing do you really feel the rush like what Sonic must when he zooms past everyone else. The game is jam-packed with action and along with him, you get his friends and foes too which makes the total part of the game.

The game is structured around a simple yet effective storyline which progresses cleanly as you progress in the game and get going. Vehicle mods make the game a bit fancier and you can certainly take advantage of these to make your vehicle near impossible to beat. Though the game looks childish enough there is nothing childlike once you get behind the wheel and are transfixed by the wacky and wayward tracks.


team sonic racing review

The game will push you to be better every time as each race will have your opponents breathing down your neck, this game truly feels like the Need For Speed titles of the past where the game pushed you to be better. If EA reads this I hope they take some ideas from this and learn how to use the AI opponents in the game.

The drifting in the game feels so in control you will want to drift at every opportunity, though easy to pull off you will often need to use it to collect coins while bending into a mind-numbing turn.


team sonic racing review

Like Mario Kart, you get powerups and can use them according to your needs but the word ‘Team Racing’ isn’t just something the developers put on the title and forgot about it. This title is all about winning as a team, Team Sonic Racing makes you work as a part of the team and together you will have to dominate every track you come across.

The voice acting is by far the least memorable part of this game except for ‘Big’, he made me chuckle every time he spoke. The game feels like what you imagined in your childhood playing with Hotwheels on your little plastic tracks come to life. There isn’t much to do in the game except for racing and that in itself feels enough.


team sonic racing review

A fun game that will push your competitive spirits to the limits.

Gotta go Fast!

Team Sonic Racing Review

A fiercly competitive game hidden under the layers of childlike graphics

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