All Types Of Racing Events In Team Sonic Racing

Different races demands different challenges

Team Sonic Racing features various types of events you can participate. Every event has a specific requirement like for Boost Race you can go with item boxes that only contain White Boost. In Survival Race you have to stay in the first position the last one gets eliminated automatically. In this Team Sonic Racing events guide you can find a list of all racing events and their requirements.

Types of Racings and Competitions

  1. Boost Race: Item Boxes only contains White Boosts.
  2. Rocket Race: Item Boxes only contain Orange Rockets.
  3. Daredevil: Drift past Star Posts for a score bonus. Skim the red of the Star Posts for a score multiplier.
  4. Destruction: Different targets offer more points when destroyed. Drift while destroying targets for a score bonus.
  5. Survival Race: Stay ahead of the pack to avoid being eliminated.
  6. Eggpawn Assault: Eggpawns are storming the track. Destroy as many as you can. Destroying different Eggpawns can earn you more points.
  7. Grand Prix: Complete in a series of four races on different tracks. The highest scoring player will be the winner.
  8. King of the Hill: Stay in the first position to collect points. Reach the point limit to win.
  9. Lightning Race: Lightning strikes periodically throughout this event. Use Invincibility to defend yourself form Lightning. Press and hold Use Item to enable Invincibility.
  10. Ring Challenge: Collect rings to earn points. Drift while collecting Rings to earn extra time.
  11. Team Race: Ear points for your team by finishing with a high rank. The team with the highest score wins the race.
  12. Time Trial: Race against the clock for the fastest lap time possible. Test your skills against ghosts of the player with the best time.
  13. Traffic Attack: Avoid traffic as long as possible. Drive through gates to earn extra time and points.
  14. Vampire Race: Collect Rings to increase your speed. Use the Violet Void Wisp to steal Rings from your opponents. Held Rings slowly decay over time.