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Tarata In Anime Adventures: How To Get & Evolve

Looking forward to adding Tarata to your team? Then check out how you can unlock & evolve this unit in Anime Adventures.

Tarata is one of the good-to-use units that you can unlock & evolve to make your team strong in Roblox Anime Adventures. This character is inspired by the character named Tatara from the Tokyo Ghoul anime. So if you are a fan of this anime, then you must add Tarata to your collection. It may have a low damage value compared to other Mythical units, but it surely fits perfectly in well-balanced comp. However, if you’re not sure about how you can get on this unit, then we’ll help you with it. Below you’ll find all the details about how you can unlock & evolve Tarata in the game easily.

How to Unlock Tarata in Roblox Anime Adventures

Tarata in Roblox Anime Adventures evolution and unlock guide roblox tatara
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The only way to unlock Tarata in Roblox Anime Adventures is by summoning by using the Gems. It can be summoned by a Standard Banner where per summon costs 50 Gems. So if you’re willing to use your Gems, then simply head to the Summon Area and hope for the best. The drop chance of this unit is quite low, but you can increase it by using the Luck or Super Luck Potions. According to players, the best way to unlock Tarata is by purchasing the 10 Pulls option. This unit is known for its Magic & Fire damage type, whose values can be increased by evolution.

How to Evolve Tarata in Anime Adventures

requirements to evolve & unlock Tarata In Anime Adventures tatara roblox where to get
Source Image: JixxyJax

To evolve Tarata to Tarata (Ignite), you’ll only need two types of items, such as 2x Scales of the Salamander & 20x Ghoul Coffee. However, as a downside, both of the items are pretty difficult to get.

  • Ghoul Coffees: Can be obtained by playing Ghould City acts & Infinite Mode. Also, can be purchased from the Gold Shop.
  • Scales of the Salamander: Can be crafted by using items listed below or bought for 3,000 Gems each.
    • 1x Star Fruit (Rainbow)
    • 5x Star Fruit (Pink)
    • 6x Star Fruit (Red)
    • 7x Star Fruit (Blue)
    • 12x Star Fruit
    • Crafting price: 3750 Gold each

As mentioned earlier, evolving this unit will get you the Tarata (Ignite) along with 10x extra Attack, 2x extra Burn Damage, & Scorhing Slam ability.

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That covers everything about how you can unlock & evolve Tarata in Roblox Anime Adventures. If you haven’t unlocked the Skull Knight or Lord Boron yet, then check out how you can do it. Also, take a look at the ways to get Gems in Anime Adventures quickly.