How To Get Lord Boron In Anime Adventures (Steps Guide)

Having Lord Boron alongside you in Anime Adventures will get you through difficult battles with ease.

Lord Boron is one of the Meta units that you must unlock in Roblox Anime Adventures. This character is based on the iconic antagonist from One Punch Man. However, getting your hands on this character won’t be easy and will require a grind. But if you’re up for the challenge then you can always give it a try. So to ease up the process below we have mentioned all the details you need to obtain Lord Boron in the game.

How to Evolve Boron to Lord Boron in Roblox Anime Adventures

How to Get Lord Boron in Roblox Anime Adventures evolve evolution
Source Image: MrRhino

Unfortunately, Boron or Lord Boron is unobtainable at the moment in Roblox Anime Adventures. So it seems no new players will be getting to try out this unit anymore. However, there’s still a chance that devs may make Boron & Lord Boron obtainable again. And when it happens you must be ready to grind. So for your reference, below we have mentioned the method that was last used to unlock Lord Boron in the game.

  • First, make sure you have already unlocked Boron (Boros).
  • Next, all you have to do is evolve Boron by feeding him items such as.
    • 12x Star Fruit
    • 35x Full Power Core
    • 3x Star Fruit (Blue)
    • 4x Star Fruit (Pink)
    • 1x Star Fruit (Rainbow)
    • 3x Star Fruits (Red)
  • And, that will get you the Lord Boron unit you’re looking for.

As it goes without saying without Boron you won’t be able to get its evolution in the game. And to unlock this base unit you’ll have to complete the Alien King’s Portal. But do note, only the host has a 100% chance of getting Boron, whereas the rest of the team has a 5% chance.

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That is all you need to know about how you can unlock Lord Boron in Roblox Anime Adventures. If you’re looking for more powerful units, then check out how to evolve Griffin in the game. Also, take a look at the Anime Adventures Codes to get free rewards.