Valheim How To Get Tar From Tar Pits

Here's how to get Tar from Tar Pits in Valheim.

The new Valheim Hearth and Home update bring us lots of new resources and items including tar, which you can collect from Growths protecting Tar Pits. There are new enemy types and statuses also accosted with this new resource. So today we will look at how to get Tar to get you ready right away. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How to Get Tar in Valheim?

 how to find and get Tar from Tar Pits in Valheim Growth
Image Courtesy: Quick Tips (YT)

To get Tar in Valheim, you need to find and collect them from Tar Pits located in the Plains biome.  You can get and harvest Tar drops from enemy Growths and from Tar Nodes around a Tar Pit. You can also use a pickaxe to drain a Tar Pit completely by digging another hole near the tar pit and connecting them with a trench. This will make the Tar from the Pit flow to the new hole you dug. Once drained, these Tar Pits will have lots of Tar droplets (previously submerged in the pit) you can easily collect. So make sure to bring the best pickaxe with you to farm more Tar quickly in Valheim. Here’s a quick video from the YouTube channel Quick Tips showing how this is done right:

How to Find Tar Pits?

Tar Pits in Valheim are pools filled with dark gooey shine Tar. There are always filled with new enemy type know as Growths. Also, note that you will only find and encounter Tar Pits in Plain biomes you have not visited before. This is because Tar Pits are procedurally generated, they will not suddenly appear in the biome you already visited before the Hearth and Home update. So if you have visited the whole of your map by now, you have to start a new world to generate Tar Pits in new Plain biomes.

How to Kill and Defeat Growths in Valheim?

Like their slime equivalent Blobs found in Swamp, Growths inflict a debuff status called Tarred, on you. This will slow you down exponentially, so make sure not to get too close to them. The best way to kill and defeat Growths is by using a highly efficient bow and fire arrows. Once you kill these Growths they drop Tar you can easily collect from them. Growths also have ranged attacks so make sure to keep moving while using Fire Arrows on them. Also if you find yourself surrounded by both Growths and Fuling types, read our guide on how to take out Fuling enemies first.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Tar from Tar Pits in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. There’s a lot that is unexplained in the game but our guides will make things super easy for you.