All Tameable Animals In Minecraft 1.17 (Complete List)

Have you wanted to tame animals in Minecraft 1.17 but never known which ones are tameable? Check out the complete list of tameable mobs here.

The Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update has brought about several tameable animal mobs like axolotl, goats and glow squids. These mobs have joined the existing list of tameable animals in Minecraft. In this article, we will show you all the animals that can be tamed in Minecraft 1.17.

A Complete List of Tameable Animals in Minecraft 1.17

Find all the tameable creatures in Minecraft 1.17 below:


tamable animals in minecraft

  • These cute and colorful aquatic mobs made their way to Minecraft in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update.
  • They are passive towards players, but they attack just about any other mob that they share aquatic space with. You can put a leash on axolotl too.
  • These mobs are also amphibious, making it possible for them to spend limited time outside water.
  • Axolotl come in 5 colors, out of which blue is the rarest with a 0.83% chance of spawning.
  • You can easily tame and breed axolotl by feeding them tropical fish from a bucket. If you breed a baby axolotl, it will always be loyal to you.


minecraft llama

  • You can find these calm and gentle animal mobs in savanna and mountain biomes.
  • Llamas do not harm players and generally do not harm other animal mobs as well.
  • They can be used to carry heavy loads across long distances.
  • To tame these animals, you need to first mount them in the same way you would a horse. You will continuously be thrown off by the Llama until it gets familiar to your presence.
  • Unlike horses, you cannot control the direction the Llama moves in while riding it.


wolf minecraft tameable animal

  • Wolves are a popular and much-loved tameable animal mob in Minecraft.
  • You can find wolves in taiga and forest biomes.
  • These animals are treated just like dogs and can easily be tamed.
  • To tame a wolf, you need to keep feeding it bones until they get familiar with you.
  • When a wolf is tamed a collar will appear on its neck.


parrot minecraft

  • Parrots in Minecraft are just as colorful and pretty to look at as they are in real life.
  • You can find these cute mobs only in Jungle biomes in Minecraft. Parrots are extremely difficult to spot as they only have 2% spawning probability.
  • Taming a parrot too is difficult as taming has a success rate of only 0.34%.
  • If you do manage to find a parrot, you can try to tame it by feeding it pumpkin seeds, melon, wheat or beetroot.


cat minecraft

  • You can tame cats easily in Minecraft, just like in real life.
  • Cats are found in villages and swamp huts. You can tame them by feeding them raw cod and salmon.


donkey minecraft

  • These animal mobs spawn in the savanna and plains biome in Minecraft and are quite easy to tame.
  • To tame a donkey, you need to follow the same process as you did to tame a Llama. That is, you need to mount it repeatedly until it is comfortable with your presence.

Skeleton Horse

skeleton horse minecraft

  • The Skeleton Horse is a cool-looking animal mob that you can tame in Minecraft.
  • It can float on water, making it an amazing means of transport to move across water bodies.
  • When an ordinary horse is struck by lightning, it turns into a skeleton horse.
  • Skeleton horses are rode by a skeleton. To tame the horse, you will first have to kill the skeleton riding the horse.
  • Once you have killed the skeleton rider, you can tame the horse by right-clicking on it and mounting it. After you do so, you can place a saddle on the horse.


ocelot minecraft tameable animal

  • Ocelots are animal mobs in Minecraft that resemble cheetahs. They are rare and passive in nature.
  • Look for ocelots in Jungle biomes.
  • You can tame them by first sneaking up on them and feeding them raw cod or salmon.
  • You cannot command an Ocelot to obey you even after taming it. It will simply not run away from you when commanded to sit.


tame animals minecraft

  • You can find horses in the plains and savanna biome in Minecraft. You can tame them easily.
  • Horses can be tamed just like Llamas and Donkeys, by mounting on them until they are comfortable with your presence.
  • You can also place a saddle on the horse.


mule minecraft

  • These animal mobs are the result of successful crossbreeding between a horse and a donkey.
  • You can tame these animals just like you would tame a horse. You can place a saddle on it too.


fox minecraft tameable animal

  • Foxes are tamable animal mobs that spawn in taiga biomes. You can find them in groups of 2-4.
  • You will find taming foxes difficult and this is because of their speed and agility.
  • This also makes breeding tricky as you need to keep two foxes without letting them run off.
  • If you breed a baby fox, it will always remain loyal to you.
  • If you’re lucky, you will find a rare white fox in the snowy taiga biome.

And that was the complete list of tameable animals in Minecraft 1.17. As you now know, this game has plenty of beautiful and useful animal mobs that you can tame and breed.

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