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Dinkum: How To Tame A Dingo

Here is how you can tame a dingo in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a fun new Animal Crossing-esque game that players get to relax with. This game has players going out into the wild, capturing insects, raising farm animals, and more. One of the animals that you will find roaming around your island is the dingo. You will find that these wild dogs are always running around on the island when they aren’t on the hunt. With how cute these dogs are, you probably want to get one for yourself. If you too want to tame your own dingo in Dinkum then this is the guide for you.

How to Tame a Friendly Dingo in Dinkum

How to Tame a Friendly Dingo in Dinkum

Dingos are usually in packs but you will find some lone ones here and there. To tame one, you will need collars. You can find these collars within treasure chests in the Deep Mine.

To get here, you will need to get a Deep Mine license and deed for the same from Fletch. You can now build the Deep Mine elevator but won’t be able to access it. To get an access card, you will need to go to John’s Goods Shop and buy it for 25,000 Dinks. This can be pretty expensive for a card that can only be used once!

Now that you can go to the Deep Mine, get as many old keys from your metal detecting adventures as possible. This is because opening the treasure room is based on luck and if you have the right key, you just might get in! Now, open different chests inside this room to search for the collar. If you’re lucky, you will find one after searching for hours.

If you manage to find the collar, you can equip yourself with the same and approach a dingo. You will now get the ‘tame’ option.

Based on all of the work that you will have to do just to get enough money to visit the deep mine, we say that you should probably just pet the dingo instead. You can always get the collar when you’re overflowing with Dinks and have nothing else to use it for.

This was your guide on how to tame a dingo in Dinkum. If you found this guide helpful, check out this one on how to trap animals in Dinkum.