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Tales Of Luminaria Tier List & Reroll Guide: Best Characters & Equipment (2022)

Looking for the best characters and equipment in Tales of Luminaria or how to reroll? This guide has you covered with them.

Tales of Luminaria is a Mobile game developed by COLOPL and published by Bandai Namco. Since this game features 21 characters, it gives you some variety when deciding what to play as. And if you would like to save some time on which is the best, then this guide will help you out. So let us take a look at Tales of Luminaria Tier List of best characters and equipment. Also, learn how to reroll.


Tales of Luminaria Best Characters Tier List

tales of luminaria tier list

Before we get into the list it is important to know that this is just my recommendation of the best characters. Since the game was released quite recently it was difficult to put them in tiers. And as such you might find some characters on this list are more useful than the others and placed on a different tier. That is alright as you can still make the most out of your favorite characters when playing with them.


So, now let us take a look at the Tales of Luminaria best characters Tier list.

Tier Character Faction
S-Tier Celia Arvier Jerle Foundation
S-Tier Alexandra von Sonne Gildllan Empire
S-Tier Charles Adventurers
S-Tier Leo Fourcade Jerle Foundation
A-Tier Michelle Bouquet Jerle Foundation
A-Tier August Wallenstein Gildllan Empire
A-Tier Bastien Forge Gildllan Empire
A-Tier Ana-Maria Marschner Adventurers
B-Tier Vanessa Morax Jerle Foundation
B-Tier Hugo Simon Gildllan Empire
B-Tier Laplace Gildllan Empire
B-Tier Gaspard Herbet Gildllan Empire
B-Tier Raoul Adventurers
C-Tier Edouard Rouquier Adventurers
C-Tier Amelie Laurence Gildllan Empire
C-Tier Maxime Hasselmans Jerle Foundation
C-Tier Yelsy Jerle Foundation
D-Tier Falk Gildllan Empire
D-Tier Lucien Dufaure Jerle Foundation
D-Tier Lisette Reginer Jerle Foundation
D-Tier Lydie Delacroix Adventurers

Tales of Luminaria Best Equipment Tier List

Tier Equipment Rating
S-Tier GE Ceremonial Twin Blades Five stars
S-Tier Jaw of the Fighter Five stars
S-Tier Blaze Ceremonial Blade Five stars
S-Tier Black Staff of Dominion Five stars
S-Tier GE Ceremonial Five stars
S-Tier Blaze Ceremonial Lance Five stars
S-Tier Blaze Formal Dress Five stars
S-Tier Path of Solitude Five stars
S-Tier Shining Lion Soul Five stars
S-Tier Academy Instructor Wear Five stars
S-Tier Blame Breeze Five stars
S-Tier Lotus Dance Five stars
S-Tier Academy Instructor Guns Five stars
S-Tier Blaze Ceremonial Long Bow Five stars
A-Tier Black Wolf’s Blade Four stars
A-Tier Thorny Twin Pistols Four stars
A-Tier Chancellor’s Uniform Four stars
A-Tier Golden Wasp Bow Four stars
A-Tier Grape Twin Blades Four stars
A-Tier Falconwing Twin Blades Four stars
A-Tier White Princess Blade Four stars
A-Tier Verdant Light Sword Four stars
A-Tier Academy Uniform Four stars
A-Tier Six Petaled Longstaff Four stars
A-Tier Red Wolf’s Bow Four stars
A-Tier Four-Claw White Spear Four stars
A-Tier Bastien Four stars
A-Tier Lion’s Head Blade Four stars
A-Tier Questing Halberd Four stars
A-Tier Pink Beast Pistols Four stars
A-Tier Windcaller Sword Four stars
A-Tier Combat War Four stars
A-Tier Silvercraft Bow Four stars
A-Tier Guiding Twin Pistols Four stars
A-Tier White Wolf’s Blade Four stars
A-Tier Brass Long Blade Four stars
A-Tier Covenant Cross Staff Four stars
A-Tier Combat Wear Four stars
A-Tier Adventure Gear Four stars
A-Tier Silver Trident Staff Four stars
B-Tier Katana Three Stars
B-Tier Daily Wear Three Stars
B-Tier Longsword Three Stars

How to Reroll in Tales of Luminaria (Guide)

  1. Open the game, and when asked to connect account or login then choose the guest account.
  2. Claim the welcome gift and daily login rewards.
  3. Clear the tutorial to get a free summon.
  4. Next, summon 10 times.
  5. If you get the character of your choice then you can link your account. Otherwise, close the game and remove it from recent apps.
  6. Launch the game again and tap on the three horizontal lines like icon. You can find this icon on the title screen.
  7. Tap on the option that says delete account and confirm it.
  8. Do the steps again until you get your favorite character.

That covers this Tales of Luminaria Tier List of best characters and equipment, and how to perform a reroll. Don’t forget to check out our Blue Archive global tier list as well.