Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List: Best Talents

Paarth Wadke
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If you want to know which are the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy then this tier list is made just for you. There are a plethora of talents to choose from in this game. Say you like to duke it out with enemies. Then you’ll love the Spells and Dark Arts talents. Alternatively, if you like to sneak into enemy camps and take them out before they realize it, the Stealth talents will be the best for you. In this Tier List, we will rank all the Talents from best to worst.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List

Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

The Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are divided into five categories namely Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and the Room of Requirement. To help you select the best talents, we will rank all the talents in each category.

Spells Talents

Talents  Tiers
Incendio Mastery S Tier
Bombarda Mastery S Tier
Transformation Mastery S Tier
Confringo Mastery A Tier
Depulso Mastery A Tier
Diffindo Mastery A Tier
Descendo Mastery B Tier
Glacius Mastery B Tier
Levioso Mastery C Tier
Accio Mastery C Tier

Dark Arts Talents

Talents Tiers
Avada Kedavra Mastery S Tier
Curse Sapper S Tier
Imperio Mastery S Tier
Blood Curse A Tier
Disarming Curse A Tier
Crucio Mastery A Tier
Stunning Curse B Tier
Enduring Curse B Tier
Knockback Curse B Tier
Slowing Curse C Tier

Core Talents Tier List

Talents Tiers
Swift S Tier
Stupefy Mastery S Tier
Protego Mastery S Tier
Wiggenweld Potency 2 A Tier
Spell Knowledge 3 A Tier
Basic Cast Mastery B Tier
Evasion Absorption C Tier
Revelio Mastery C Tier

Stealth Talents

There are only four talents in the Stealth category. So the tiers are not in a progressive order.

Talents Tiers
Human Demiguise S Tier
Petrificus Totalus Mastery A Tier
Sense of Secrecy 2 C Tier
Sense of Secrecy 1 C Tier

Room of Requirement Talents

Talents Tiers
Focus Potion Potency S Tier
Noxious S Tier
Thunderbrew Potency S Tier
Invisibility Potion Potency A Tier
Fertiliser A Tier
Edurus Potion Potency B Tier
Maxima Potion Potency C Tier
Headache C Tier

Note that this tier list is based on my playstyle and can change from player to player.

Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

With my selection of S Tier talents, you must know that I like dueling with enemies. According to me, the best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are:

  • Incendio Mastery
  • Avada Kedavra Mastery
  • Swift
  • Human Demiguise
  • Focus Potion Potency

That completes our Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List. For more such content like Best Easter Eggs, make sure you visit our Hogwarts Legacy section.