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How to find Sword Kits in Ghost of Tsushima?

Do you want new skins for your Swords in Ghost of Tsushima? Here is a guide on how to find Sword Kits in Ghost of Tsushima that unlocks amazing Sword Skins for free.

Sword Kits is a simple way to customize your weapon in Ghost of Tsushima. The game will reward you with new customization in a unique way. Everything is linked with exploration similar to finding Fox Den that unlocks Charms or Basket Hat. For unlocking new skins for Swords in Ghost of Tsushima you will have to locate pillars, they have secret places that unlock amazing cool skins for the swords. I will share with you all the details on how to unlock Sword skins in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to find Sword Kits in Ghost of Tsushima?


Sword Kits does not add any kind of extra buff or perks to the weapon. It is just a part of customization. You can check out the various images below of different sword skins that modify the blade’s appearance.

Sword Kits are located in Pillars of Honors, you will find them during exploration. Also while playing the main missions you will come across many new regions. As soon as you are near to pillar you will see a message on the screen as Pillars of Honors. They are special Hidden locations in the game, I am going to list some locations below for you to easily find Sword Kits in Ghost of Tsushima.

When you discover a pillar you will have to talk to the locals to unlock more information regarding the Pillar of Honor. This one way to find sword kits, another way is to follow the birds you will see while exploring the island. The birds will take you to the sword kits location. As soon as you find a pillar you can grab the cosmetic item next to it which is called the Sword Kit.


You can also unlock additional Vanity Gear items in Ghost of Tsushima. With over 59 Vanity gears to find it is a massive list to cover. All Vanity items can be used to customize Jin’s appearance. The best way to find these items is by unlocking the Wind of Vanity skill under Samurai Techniques. With the help of Guiding Wind, you can easily find all artifacts in the range of 30 meters.

Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honors Location – Act 1

Ghost of Tsushima Pillar of Honor Location 1


The first one will unlock Fuujin’s Secret Sword Skin and the second one on the map image above will unlock Yasha’s Ember.

Ghost of Tsushima Pillar of Honor Location 2

The third Pillar of Honor unlocks Mamushi Venom Sword kit and the fourth one has Twilight On Sword Skin.


Ghost of Tsushima Pillar of Honor Location 3

The fifth pillar has Warriors Brush skin and the sixth pillar in the above map screenshot has location for Spring Bambo Sword Kit.

Ghost of Tsushima Pillar of Honor Location 4

In Ghost of Tsushima Act 1, the last and final Sword kit is located near First General’s Field. If you are in the region look for the pillar and from here you can unlock Genbu’s Darkness Sword Skin.

So these are all the Sword Kit locations you can find in Act 1 of Ghost of Tsushima. I will be updating this guide with more locations. You will soon find all Sword Kit location for Ghost of Tsushima Act 2 and Act 3. Do visit back for more details.