What to Do at a Fox Den in Ghost of Tsushima?

Want to know what to do with Fox Den in Ghost of Tsushima? You can unlock new Charms via Ghost of Tshuhima Fox Den, here are all Fox Den locations.

Ghost of Tsushima is filled up with little interesting secrets and surprises. Fox Den is one of the intriguing hidden game mechanism that unlocks new Charms. If you came across a Fox Den in Ghost of Tsushima and do not know what to do then this guide is for you. I will share some important tips on how to find Fox Dens in Ghost of Tsushima ad what to do there to unlock new charms.

How to find Fox Dens in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game with a lot to explore. You will be coming across various new places, without a clue what to do there. Fox Den is one of them. But it is a highly important aspect of the game because it can help Jin to unlock new Charms. These charms will unlock additional buffs that will play a big role during the combat.

Fox Dens are mostly located in the forest and mountain area. You will have to talk to Peasant or any other NPC in the region to get the clue of the Fox Den. The easiest way to find a Fox Den is to find the Fox and follow the cute animal.

How to unlock New Charms in Ghost of Tsushima?

Whenever you spot a Fox while exploring follow her and she will take you to a Inari Shrine. A fox is only your guide to find the shrine, some of these are located in a remote area. It is necessary to follow the fox without losing the sight. Be ready to climb or jump when required.

After finding the shrine pray there. Praying at Inari Shrine will unlock Charms Slot for Jin. You can then use more powerful charms in the battle. Focusing on this will help you to unlock some extra power in the Ghost of Tsushima. Buffs like higher damage, lower enemy detection, etc can help you to finish some of the toughest quests.

Here is a video by PowerPyx which has locations of all 49 Inara Shrines, by finding all you will unlock Body, Mind and Spirit Trophy.