How To Switch Characters In Tales Of Arise

Here is a guide on how to switch characters in Tales of Arise.

Tales Of Arise is a gorgeous RPG set in the worlds of Dahna and Rena. Tales Of Arise not only have an amazing Story and stunning landscapes but also thrilling Combat. In this guide, I will explain how you can Switch Characters in Battle and in the Overworld.

How to Switch Characters in Tales Of Arise

switching characters

In Tales Of Arise, there are two scenarios where you will want to Switch Characters in your Party. They are when you are in Combat and when you are Exploring the World. First, we will see how you can change Characters in the Overworld.

In the Overworld

When you are in the game, press the Menu Button on your Controller. This will open a Menu where at the bottom there will be an option of Change Party Leader. Now Depending on which Console you playing with the button to confirm on Change Party Leader will be different. For PlayStation, it is Square while for Xbox it is X. Now on clicking on the option, it will change the Character, this is indicated by the Green Flag shifting between Characters. Alternatively, you can select the Edit option from the menu and then select the Character you want by using the D-Pad. To indicate which character you are selecting a Pink Flag will be hovering over the selected character.

During Combat in Tales Of Arise

Lastly, you can switch characters during Combat. To do you will have to hold down the Left Shoulder on your Controller. After a small menu will appear in the Bottom Left of the screen. In that Menu, you can switch to any of the characters by using the D-Pad. Note that you can only swap between Characters that are Active Battle Members, you cannot switch into any of your Support Characters. This will allow you to utilize the full extent of your Characters Abilities and Strengths.

This was all about Switching Between Characters in Tales Of Arise. Hopefully, this was helpful and solved all of your doubts. You can also check out our guides on the Tales Of Rise Tier List.