Tales Of Arise Tier List Character Rankings (October 2023)

Tales of Arise Character Tier List Rankings: All characters ranked.

New to Tales of Arise and looking for the Character Tier List Rankings? We have just the list for you that will help you out. Scroll down below and you will find the rankings of all the characters in the game. These rankings are based on the community tier rankings of the game characters. However, do remember that these rankings in no way reflect any official standings for the game characters. These rankings are purely based on the author’s understanding of the game. With that being said, let’s dive into the Tier List for this game.

Tales of Arise Character Tier List Rankings 2023

Tales Of Arise Tier List: Ranking Characters From Best To Worst

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Alphen S
Gains a huge boost from his perk. Also has the unique ability to convert HP loss into damage boosts. Overpowered character in the game for now.
Law A
The best character to use in close combat situations. Quite agile which also works well with the perk boost. Has the highest base attack stats in the game.
Kisara B
A good defensive character to use in the game. Will be quite handy as a supporting character in a team. Can also deal decent damage in a wide-angle.
Rinwell B
Has the ability to cast powerful spells in the game. However, this will work against her as the spells take long to power up, leaving her vulnerable to attacks.
Dohalim C
A good short-range character in the game. Good all-round stats. However, doesn’t have many stand-out qualities that can justify his use.
Shionne D
Shionne focuses her attacks with the help of bomb attacks. These also take a long time to power up, leaving her vulnerable to attacks. Good in a support role.

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