How To Pair AirPods, Headphones With Nintendo Switch By Updating Bluetooth

Find out how to use Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Update to pair Airpods Pro, headphones, & speakers.

The new Nintendo Switch BlueTooth Update now will allow you to pair your Bluetooth headphones, AirPods, Speakers, and more without the need for any additional dongles. So many users are still looking to how to do this pairing process. So if you are among them then you have come to the right place. Today we will show you the easy steps to pair and connect your Bluetooth device with Switch.

How to Update Nintendo Switch Bluetooth to Pair Airpods Pro, Headphones, Speakers & More

To pair Airpods Pro, headphones, speakers, and more with your Nintendo Switch and Lite, you have to download the latest Bluetooth Update for your system. This is pretty easy to do with the following steps:

  • Once the update is available, you will be automatically notified in the Switch UI.
  • If my change if you don’t get any notification, then go to your Switch homepage or dashboard.
  • Go to the “System Settings”, it’s the Gear icon near beside the Power button on the screen.
  • Once you open it, scroll down to the System tab, it will the last option from the left side panel.
  • You will find System Update inside this tab.
  • Click on start check for a new update, and download it.
  • Once your Switch restarts, your system is ready to be paired.

how to update bluetooth nintendo switch connect airpods

Now the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Update is done, pairing any Bluetooth devices like Airpods Pro, Headphones, and speakers are really easy. Here’s how to pair them to your Switch:

  • Find the “Bluetooth Audio” option, this will be the third last open in the same System Settings menu.
  • Click on it, then click on “Pair Device”.
  • This will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Make sure to hold AirPods’ button till it becomes white.
  • Same for hold down the pairing button on your headphones and speakers.
  • Once they show up on your list, click on them to pair with your Switch.

Now you by holding your Home button on your Joy-Cons, you can bring up the quick settings and easily adjust your Bluetooth volume from here.

That’s everything you need to know about how to update Nintendo Switch Bluetooth and pair your Bluetooth headphone, AirPods, speakers, and more. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Nintendo Switch Guides, for tips & tricks like how to fix Switch Game Card Error.

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