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Minecraft: What Does Swift Sneak Do?

Learn about what Swift Sneak does in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is an amazing Sandbox game with Survival aspects. Along with making Monumental Builds or Cutesie Towns, players can make Survival Worlds and try and beat the Enemies & Bosses. With the latest release of the 1.19 Update of the game, Minecraft got a new Enchantment called Swift Sneak. It is the first unique Leggings Enchantment. That’s good and all but what does it do? In this guide, I will show you What Swift Sneak does in Minecraft.

What does Swift Sneak do in Minecraft Explained?

swift sneak minecraft

As mentioned above, Swift Sneak is a Leggings Enchantment in Minecraft. It was introduced in the game in the 1.19 Update along with the Deep Dark Biome & Ancient Cities. The main use of Swift Sneak is to increase the Movement Speed of a Player while Crouching or Sneaking. Why is this useful? Well, in the Deep Dark Biome, Sound is a very dangerous thing. If a Sculk Sensor detects you then you will become Warden Fodder. As such, Sneaking is vital as you will be able to move without any Sound. Swift Sneak has three levels and each level increases the movement speed by 15%. Here is the Comparison:

  • Normal Sneaking: 30% of Walking Speed.
  • Swift Sneak I + Normal Sneaking: 45% of Walking Speed.
  • Normal Sneaking + Swift Sneak II: 60% of Walking Speed.
  • Swift Sneak III + Normal Sneaking: 75% of Walking Speed.

This isn’t particularly fast but is still very good. The best uses of Swift Speed are in the Ancient Cities and also in Speed-Bridging. Combine Swift Sneak and Soul Speed to Speed-Bridge at amazing Speeds while using Soul Sand or Soul Soil as the Bridging Block. The only way of getting Swift Sneak is by looting Ancient Cities. You have a 23 to 24 percent chance of getting it in a Chest.

This was all about what Swift Sneak does in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Respawn The Ender Dragon in Minecraft.