Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Locations Guide

Here are the locations where you can find and farm Sweet Flower easily.

Whether you are trying to craft items with it, or just trading it for rewards during the Marvelous Merchandise event, you will end up searching for the Sweet Flower. If you are looking for locations where to find and farm Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact, here are the places you should be going to.

Where to Find Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact (Farming Locations)

Sweet Flowers are found in the wild, so you might end up collecting some while exploring without a destination in mind. But you can visit these locations to get them quickly. Thankfully, they are mostly available in the Teyvat region – here are the locations on the map.

sweet flower locations genshin impact
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where to find sweet flowers location
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If you have collected quite a lot of Mora and want to speed things up even more, you can directly purchase Sweet Flower from the Floral Whisper Shop present near the gates of Mondstadt city. You can buy them for 200 Mora per item. The max limit is 10 Sweet Flowers and the shop’s items reset every 3 days too.

Things to Keep in Mind

Teyvat is a dangerous region and there are things that can cause trouble while you are trying to do something as simple as collecting a flower. Look out for Whopperflowers which are disguising themselves as Sweet Flowers because if you interact with them, they will attack you. Check out our linked guide to know how to spot the imposter.

How to Use Sweet Flowers

You can craft items such as Sugar (processing), Dinner of Judgement (cooking) and Sweet Madame (cooking), which will also require Fowl. Here are the crafting recipes:

  • Sugar – 2 Sweet Flower
  • Dinner of Judgement – 2 Fowl and 2 Sweet Flower
  • Sweet Madame – 2 Fowl and 2 Sweet Flower

There’s one more way to get Sweet Flowers and that’s via expeditions. But if you’d like to get them as fast as possible, the aforementioned ways are the best options.

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