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Roblox Username Swear Filter Broken [2022]

What happened when Roblox's username swear filter was broken for a while? Here are the details and info on what might happen next.

Yup, Roblox username swear filter was broken was a while on March 24, 2022. What happened in this situation and which features were disabled during this period? How does it affect the accounts – do they get banned?

Roblox Swear Filter Broken – What Exactly Happened?


The main demographic of Roblox is kids and teenagers (young users) which is why the company tries to ensure that things are kept pretty clean in games. They do this via chat filtering, age verification in spatial voice chat, and also by ensuring no one uses inappropriate words in their username while making an account.

On March 24, 2022, for a short period of time, players noticed that Roblox’s swear filter was broken. You could change your username or make accounts with not-so-family-friendly words in them. Soon after, experiences were filled with players having such usernames. Roblox immediately blocked the option to make new accounts in this situation, which also ended up affecting those players who wanted to make a new account with an appropriate username.

Normally, if you would change your name to something unsuitable, you would see the message “Username not appropriate for Roblox” since all usernames are moderated. But, sometimes, things can go wrong and for Roblox, it was this username bypass bug that was fixed quite quickly.


How does this Affect Players who Changed their Username?

why roblox swear filter broke

There is no clear answer from Roblox at this time, but many players are speculating that the player’s Roblox account can get terminated. Yes, this was a bug from Roblox’s end but the players did end up changing the usernames intentionally, hence there’s a chance that your Roblox account can get banned. But it is not yet confirmed because a lot of users changed their names which means Roblox might have to ban a lot of accounts.


In severe violation cases, Roblox can also IP ban Roblox accounts. This means they can block your IP address from accessing Roblox due to which you cannot make new accounts. If the IP ban is for a certain duration then you will be able to use Roblox after the period is over.

So, there you have it. Make sure to avoid using inappropriate usernames even if there’s a bug because players won’t want to lose accounts with Robux in them. Keep in mind that you cannot transfer Robux from your “potentially might get banned” account to an unbanned account. If you’d like to read more about Roblox including tips, tricks, and codes for freebies, we’ve got lots of guides for you on Gamer Tweak.