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Lost Ark – How To Get The Sway Emote?

Learn how to get the Sway Emote in Lost Ark from this guide.

Lost Ark being an MMOARPG is an online Social game. As such, there are many ways to communicate with other players. Among the many types, Emotes is one of the best ways to communicate, aside from Global Chat. Emotes in Lost Ark are special moves that your character can do that express a certain emotion or feeling. One of the Emotes you can get in this game is the Sway Emote. In this guide, I will show you how to get the Sway Emote in Lost Ark.

How to Get the Sway Emote in Lost Ark?


sway emote quest in lost ark

The Sway Emote in Lost Ark is an obtainable Item that is rewarded after completing a Quest. That Quest is the Becoming an Idol Quest found in the Peyto. It is located in between North Vern and Anikka, just under Pieccia. Once you reach there, you will have to go to the Yellow Exclamation mark indicating a Yellow Quest, the Becoming an Idol quest in Lost Ark. To activate the Quest, you will have to talk to Danidani. After a conversation, she will give you the Quest and you can activate it. This is how you can get the Quest to obtain the Sway Emote in Lost Ark.

To complete the quest, you will have to type /cheer or /applaud in chat while near Danidani. This will complete the first part of the Quest. After that, you will have to go to the right and then talk to Producer Hermes. During your conversation with him, he will ask you to make your Debut by dancing. Confirm it and right next to you, a Circle should appear. In that Circle, type /dance to Dance in front of Hermes. Seeing your Dance, he gets impressed and the both of you will have a conversation. At the end of it, the Quest gets completed and you will get the Sway Emote.


Now you can go into your Inventory and Learn the Emote. This was all about getting the Sway Emote in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like How To Get The Song Of Resonance in Lost Ark.