AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok – How To Get To Svartalfheim?

Here's our guide on how to get to Svartalfheim in AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok.

The recent expansion of Assassin’s Creed is finally here and has done a pretty great job at exploring Norse Mythology. The Dawn of Ragnarok features Eivor getting visions of Havi that is one of the names of Odin. It is an alternative name for Odin that translates to the High One. Thus, you are playing Odin as he fights the invaders and kidnappers of his son Baldr. But first, how do you get to Svartalfheim? As Eivor is having these visions, you will have to complete some of the quests before you reach his home. Not to worry, here’s our guide that explains how to get to Svartalfheim in AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok.

How to Get to Svartalfheim in AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok?

It is recommended that players need to be at least on level 340 before they begin with the DLC. Although if you have not reached that level, the expansion will create a character of level 340 with the suitable weapons and gear. You can check our guide on how to start with the DLC, to begin with. Mentioned below are all the objectives and how to complete them to get to Svartalfheim.

  • You can traverse and enter Svartalfheim only when Eivor experiences these visions. You will need to build a hut for Valka at the Ravensthorpe.
  • Once you have built a hut, you will receive a quest named Restless Dreams. As Eivor has been seeing these visions for a while now, the quest involves Eivor reflecting on these dreams.
  • You need to rest at a tree and reflect upon the recurring dreams. If you wish to change the difficulty mode, you need to toggle it before you trigger the dreams.
  • As the vision begins, Eivor wakes up as Havi and is having a conversation with Frigg. She informs you that their child Baldr has been abducted by the Muspels. Odin and Frigg traverse over mountains for any clues related to their son’s abduction. This will trigger the Svartalfheim’s DLC.
  • The next quest is “The Rescue” as you and Frigg search for the clues. Follow her by clicking on the Focus option. As you follow her to different shelters looking for any traces, you will come across a bloodstain under the stairs.
  • Go to the second floor to look at the letter on a table. As you investigate the letter, Frigg will be attacked by some of the Muspels downstairs. Help her out by defeating them.
  • You will receive an objective to travel in a southeast direction. As you track and reach the location, you will encounter a giant door. When you open the door, you will see your son Baldr swinging by a rope in the middle of a room. You will encounter Surtur as you approach to save your son.
  • As you defeat the Surtur, he will stay down for a while. Suddenly, he will use a dirty tactic on you by throwing lava in your eyes. As he grabs your head and throws you away, you watch Sinmara kill Frigg unconsciously.

ac valhalla svartalfheim

  • Upon waking up, head over to Valka’s hut to have a conversation. As you interact, Valka will give you some instructions to carry a ritual. Initiate the ritual by placing the mistletoe around four corners of the symbol. Complete the ritual by clicking on the middle of the symbol. As you carry on the ritual, Eivor will be consumed by the flames and return to the dream.
  • When you return to the dream, you will meet the two dwarves that saved your life. Their names are Sigrun and Halstein. Your next mission is the Gift of the Gods as you follow these dwarves. As you proceed you will encounter some Muspels.
  • Furthermore, Halstein will gift you a bracer which is a new mechanic in the expansion. It is called as Hugr-Rip. You can check out our article on how to use and upgrade the Hugr-Rip.
  • As you proceed with your journey with the Dwarves, you will face Sinmara. Defeating her will be a cakewalk compared to defeating Surtur. Once you have defeated her, she will evade and disappear to the middle of the lava.
  • Now, you have to follow the dwarves to the shelter’s first dwarven sign. And as you reach there, they will ask for your help to find the second one. Proceed further by using the Sight until you find it. As soon as you reach the shelter, The dwarves will leave and as a parting gift will reward you with Silica. Before they leave, you will meet their Chief Brudd. He will introduce you to a Blacksmith.
  • Interact with the blacksmith to unlock the open-roam. Explore the Svartalfheim region as you unlock new weapons, gear, locations, and more. In addition to that, you can explore and get the best of both worlds.
  • If you wish to go back to Ravensthorpe, you can head over to the map and click on the eye symbol to wake up. And, you can return to Svartalfheim by drinking a special potion at Valka’s hut.

That’s all on how to get tp Svartalfheim in AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok. If this guide helped you, make sure to check our other AC Valhalla Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.