Sussy Baka Meaning, Origin & Meme Explained

What does Sussy Baka mean and where did it originate from? We've explained everything in this article.

If you’ve been on the gaming subreddits or checked the comments on Youtube or Discord, you’ve surely come across Sussy Baka – but what does it mean? This guide explains everything you need to know about this internet slang, including its definition, origin, memes, and how to use it in a sentence.

What Does Sussy Baka Mean?

  • Sussy Baka Definition: It is a combination of the words Suspicious (Sus) and Baka. Baka is Japanese for “fool” and together, the phrase is used to indicate that someone is a suspicious fool.

Here’s how it is used in a sentence:

  • Why are you acting like a sussy baka?
  • Stop attacking me, you sussy baka!

Dean Norris who played Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad has used the meme in the most accurate way.

Sussy Baka Origin and Meme

sussy baka meaning definition

Sussy Word Origin

Sus became a trending internet slang during the viral year of Among Us and has stuck. In the social deduction game, you call another player “sus” when you suspect them of doing something that makes them an imposter. For example, if you see an empty room, but in a few seconds, you see someone near a vent. That’s sus. This is when you can call an emergency meeting and discuss it with others. If your argument is strong and others believe you, they will vote out the sus player.

Baka Word Origin

Baka is a Japanese word but how did it find worldwide fame? It was due to My Hero Academia, where Deku is called a Baka (fool). When TikTok user @akeamfrancis2 said Sussy Baka in this manner (see video below), it became viral among GenZ and hence, the phrase was born.

Since then, there have been many viral videos about this phrase.

Is it a Bad Word?

Gamers use this term while chatting with fellow players during multiplayer matches. And if you are a parent who is worried about your child using this unfamiliar term with friends, it’s nothing offensive at its core. But the meaning can change depending on its usage among specific groups.

The internet is a strange place, but you already knew that. If you’ve also been curious to know about the “Press F to Pay Respects” meme, check out our related article here.

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