How To Survive The Sandstorm In Diablo 4

During the Flesh from Bone quest, you are required to ‘Follow Meshif through the sandstorm’, along with his trusty and helpful camel, Isabella. On your way, you will come across multiple enemies including giant scorpions. Plus, the storm will keep draining your health, so managing your healing is key. If you are having difficulty completing this part of the quest on World Tier II, here’s how to make it through and survive the sandstorm in Diablo 4.

How to Survive the Sandstorm in Diablo 4

Follow these tips to easily survive the sandstorm in D4’s Flesh from Bone quest.

  • Use movement-related abilities if they are available for your class. For example, Dash helped me out as Rogue. For other classes, you can use abilities that slow enemies. This is crucial because you need to prioritize escaping the sandstorm instead of waiting back and slaying enemies. Since the sandstorm will already be draining your health, you don’t need the extra damage from monsters. So focus on evading them as much as possible and only kill those you get in your way.
  • Use boots that give you +2 Evade charges. Make sure to trade with other players beforehand if possible.

how to survive sandstorm diablo 4

  • There will be multiple points where you wait out the storm. Remember to heal yourself with the help of Isabella before embarking on the next stage of the journey.

flesh from bone quest sandstorm

  • On your way, whirlwinds of sand will appear, avoid them to prevent being slowed down.
  • Meanwhile always keep an eye on your health, because you will have to drink your potions more often. Make sure that you have leveled up your potions from 4 to 5 before this.

And that’s everything you need to know about surviving the sandstorm in Diablo 4. There’s a lot players need to know in Diablo IV and the game doesn’t clearly explain the details. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the guides right here on Gamer Tweak. For example, here’s some information about the Nightmare sigils.

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