How to Easily Survive Block Party Mode In Fall Guys

Surviving Block Party Mode In Fall Guys Can Be A Great Challenge

Block Party Mode in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is quickly proving to be one of the toughest challenges that players encounter, there are different phases to and if you want to learn how to survive block party mode in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, read the rest of this guide.

How to Survive Block Party Mode In Fall Guys

Fall Guys invites players to a tv game show type of an event where 60 players compete to become the champion, this blend of a tv show and battle royale and brought millions of players to the game. Block Party mode in Fall Guys is a particular challenge where all you have to do is stay on a platform and avoid obstacles coming at you.

You will see blocks coming at you from the front and as more time passes, you will need to find a way to survive, in theory, it is easier said than done and you must survive until the clock runs out.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to not get hit by any of the obstacles coming at your way, push players that stand in your way and get to safety however you can. Surviving is the key factor and nothing else matters.

Make sure that while running from one end to the other, you do not get hit by players, it is advisable that you analyze the obstacle pattern coming at you and get to safety before the horde of other players arrive. As you progress there will be obstacles where you will need to jump over them.

During this phase, the obstacles will also come faster at you than they normally would, and you should simply jump to clear the obstacles, this will be one tough phase as you will need to calculate when to jump and be ready for the next obstacle.

If you’re unsure about the timing of your jumps, make sure that you jump and dive over the obstacles, keep in mind that your character will fall after this but it will also help you cover some distance and you can time your jumps with more freedom.

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Keep in mind that in Fall Guys your objective is to out survive others in the game, and if you’re pretty confident about your abilities you can lessen the number of players during this stage as well.

You can only do the following during the first phase of Block Party Mode where you just have to avoid obstacles, if you wish to eliminate other players, first get yourself to safety.

Once you know you’re safe try grabbing on to other players who are trying to get safe and position them in such a way that the obstacle hits them taking them out. Hopefully, this will let you clear a number of players and you will have a lesser number of players to compete with.

You cannot, however, grab someone else and jump in Fall Guys, so make sure that you remember to not grab onto anyone when the jumping obstacles arrive, this is pretty much everything there is to know about how to survive Block Party Mode in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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