How To Get The Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin In Fall Guys

Here's how you can grab the Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin in Fall Guys.

Everybody is raving about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and rightly so. It’s a challenging game packaged with cute and colorful graphics making it an addictive combo. Streamers around the world are enjoying falling and losing games and so are players on PS4 and PC. Another thing that has given this game popularity is the wide variety of wacky and bizarre skins available. One such skin is the Team Fortress Scout Skin in Fall Guys, but how to get it? Find out in this quick guide.

Fall Guys Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin – How To Get

This is the crossover no one expected but nevertheless, it is getting gamers excited. Fall Guys is collaborating with Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Scout will be available as a skin. This was announced by their Twitter account, see it here:

If this is any indication, maybe we can look forward to more such crossovers in the future. Since many players are creating fan arts of Fall Guys dressed up as one of their favorite gaming characters, this idea doesn’t seem so far off.

So, here’s how you can get the Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin. PC players will get it in the in-game shop for a limited time but its price is high – it costs 10 Crowns total.

The top and the bottom of the Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin are different and each costs 5 crowns. That means you have to play a lot and win at least ten times to have enough crowns to create the full outfit. Of course, they don’t have to be earned back to back, like the requirement is for the Infallible Achievement in Fall Guys.

It’s a tough thing to do anyway and the store refreshes in a couple of days, so if you miss it in the shop, don’t worry. It might come back soon. Until then, keep playing and keep winning.

For PS4 players, this skin is not available at the time of writing. But rest assured that you might be able to get your hands on it soon.

We can’t wait to see more collaborations between Mediatonic and other developers so that our adorable Fall Guys get some fierce looks. While you’re waiting too, be sure to read our helpful tips and tricks on winning shows in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout right here on Gamer Tweak!