BitLife: How To Survive A Shipwreck

To survive a shipwreck task and complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife, check out this guide.

The task to survive a shipwreck is just another task to complete in the Titanic challenge in BitLife. It may not be as easy as other tasks at the end of the day we are talking about surviving a shipwreck in the game. The ship is set to sink and you are about to save your life by completing this task. Players try as hard as they can, yet they are not able to complete this challenge. This is why we are here to help you through it.

How to Survive a Shipwreck in BitLife

survive shipwreck titanic challenge bitlife

  1. In order to survive a shipwreck in Bitlife you have to start a new life most importantly.
  2. As your schooling years require you to take up swim lessons.
  3. If you have already been taking up swimming in your school years then there is no need to start a new life.
  4. This will also help you complete the “Learn to swim” task from the challenge.
  5. You then have to get a Boat license when you turn 18 and graduate.
  6. This will in turn help you buy any ship of your choice.
  7. Now you can set sail on your ship to start the challenge and complete this task.

Note that – In order to also survive the challenge you have to not select the Coast Guard profile, along with that you have to abandon your ship for your survival to be acknowledged by the game. This can be done once your ship gets into an accident. The trick is to purchase a boat that is in bad condition so it gets broken down easily.

That’s a wrap on how to survive a shipwreck in BitLife. We got you covered on all the necessary points to survive it. Next up, you must check this guide on how to do the Titanic challenge in BitLife to get more guidance on it.