Minecraft House Ideas For Survival (2023)

Here are the top 5 best Minecraft Survival House Ideas for Bedrock & Java Editions.

Here are some Minecraft House ideas for survival that will help you stay alive. The night is evil, filled with zombies and various creatures of the darkness, the first thing you need is a house with well-arranged tools and rations within your reach. But these houses can also become the canvas to let your wild imagination come alive.

So today, we have gathered the top 5 best Minecraft Survival House ideas for you to explore or even copy with the attached tutorial videos.

Best Minecraft House Ideas for Survival 2023

Minecraft Survival House Ideas
Image Courtesy: Reimiho
  • Ultimate 2 Players Survival House
  • Simple Starter Survival House
  • Underwater Mountain House
  • Japanese Survival House
  • Spruce Mansion

Ultimate 2 Players Survival House

This is well efficient Survival House with farms and all the necessary equipment within the house. The house even holds a farm or two for your convenience. This house might look hard and tedious to build.  The main courtyard is dedicated to crop farms, and you can also keep your animal pen with sheep here. You can add any crop of your liking, to make it ours. There is enough space for you to keep barrels, chests, bookshelves, crafting tables, beds, ladders, and more chests to line up in your attic space area. Build with a 21×21 dimension, this house easily accommodated 2 players within the building.  But even though there’s a lot going over here, it’s pretty easy to replicate with the help of the creator Sv Gravity’s tutorial video. Check out the complete video attached below:

Simple Starter Survival House

This house is designed to be very easy for newcomers to build without much trouble. This two-floored house has enough space to keep all your essentials and also provides a stunning view from your top-floor balcony. Make sure not to miss this one if you are on a tight schedule and want to build a beautiful house in a short time.

Underwater Mountain House

This one is so cool with a large black stained glass window with an underwater view. This house shouts safety from all the land created in one look. But apart from that, you will have something really unique and cool to show to your friends once you invite them. There’s a lot to see within this small space. Sea Lanterns, light gray concrete walls, spruce stairs, and intensive use of dark oak bring everything all together. Make sure to not miss this one.

Japanese Survival House

One look at the exterior of this Japanese house, and you will be transported to the Edo period. And once you step inside, you will realize this is a modern Japanese house with a complete theme complementing components and even a torii gate in front of the entrance. Check out the video from the creator Hakdow here.

Spruce Mansion

This one is so good, you have to dedicate a lot of time to completely customize it. With a full library, all-around balcony, and even 68 Campfire blocks, you know this will be a master project to undertake. You can build up your own ideas based on this mansion. And there’s tons of space to add additional design and give your own spin to it. Check out the step by step tutorial video from the creator here:

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