Why Is Surgeon Simulator 2 Multiplayer Not Working?

Is Surgeon Simulator 2 Multiplayer not loading or working at all? Here's the reason behind it and some potential fixes.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a wacky game that’s even more fun with friends. But you may encounter problems with multiplayer mode where you will not be able to team up with friends. Let’s see if there is any fix or workaround available and why this error is coming up.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Multiplayer Not Loading or Working Fix

Players are mentioning a variety of problems including long loading screens, black screen while loading and login or authentication issues. The developers have mentioned on Steam that these issues are related to the server capacity. The servers have been overloaded since the game’s launch which, understandably, has caused multiplayer issues, party disconnections and friends showing as offline. But now, the server capacity has been increased and more improvements are expected. Gradually, the Surgeon Simulator 2 multiplayer not working issue should get resolved and more players can join in.

If other friends are able to play multiplayer/join the lobby and you aren’t, check the following:

  • Ensure that your internet connection is stable.
  • Restart your Router.
  • Close the game and restart it.
  • Check whether you have the latest update of the game.

None of these help you solve the problem? Then all we can do is wait until the devs patch it out.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Multiplayer Not Loading or Working Fix

Apart from the issues mentioned above, you may even see multiplayer ban messages but don’t worry, you are not actually banned (unless you have done something to be banned). So if you are innocent and see a message where you are banned from multiplayer or from communicating with others, it’s an issue from the developers’ end.

Due to the huge influx of players especially because the game is available on Xbox Game Pass, the online multiplayer aspect of the game faced teething issues. Thankfully, all of these issues have been identified, investigated and are being worked on. You can enjoy the single player mode meanwhile and soon enough, you should be able to play with friends.

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