Insomniac Had To Cancel Sunset Overdrive 2 For Spider-Man?

Waiting for the Sunset Overdrive sequel? Well, Insomniac almost started its development before it got cancelled.

Insomniac is a studio popularly known today for Marvel’s Spider-Man games or Ratchet and Clank. Before Sony acquired them, they also made other titles like Sunset Overdrive, Spyro the Dragon, and more. Sunset Overdrive had released as an Xbox exclusive and later also got launched on the PC. The fans of the series have long waited for a sequel, and the new leaks suggest it was briefly under development before it got cancelled.

Why did Sunset Overdrive 2 Get Cancelled?

Sunset Overdrive 2 Got Cancelled For Spider Man
Image Credits: Sunset Overdrive E3 Teaser from Xbox on YouTube

Insomniac recently suffered a ransomware hack, the hacking group behind Rhysida leaked their data to the public. This included over 1TB of data which included a lot of information, from personal data of employees to upcoming projects like Marvel’s Wolverine, X-men and other games.

Among the data, Reddit user u/Bartman013 found and pointed out the list of many projects that were in development. You can check the thread here. One of those projects was Sunset Overdrive 2. In the image they linked, you can see the game being worked on from October 2015 to October 2016. However, it had to be dropped later on which is speculated due to the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

As for the reason why the game got scrapped, it is equally or even more saddening as other leaks suggest Sunset Overdrive only made a profit of $567. You can check this thread for more. So considering the production costs and the returns, it would seem that the studio would have to drop the project.

When you take things into account like the success probability of a beloved comic character as big as Spider-Man, this decision makes sense. In that thread, you can see people agreeing with the decision even though as disappointing as it was.

What are your thoughts about the Sunset Overdrive sequel being cancelled? While this wasn’t the best news, you might be excited to know that Spider-Man 2 may get 3 free DLCs post-launch.