V Rising Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations

This is your guide on how to find the locations of sunflower seeds and farm them efficiently in V Rising.

V Rising has a whole bunch of resources that you will need to farm in the game. One of which is sunflower seeds. These seeds are essential to building your own mighty vampire empire as you craft and upgrade items. The question that remains is how do you get Sunflower Seeds in V Rising? And when you find them, how will you farm efficiently? This guide will answer it all for you.

How to Find Sunflower Seeds Locations in V Rising

Cotton Farms Dunley Farmlands
Map credit: Map Genie

You can farm the most sunflower seeds in the Dunley Farmlands when playing V Rising. From here, go to the Cotton Farms. As it is the best place to get the seeds from.

V Rising: Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations
Map credit: Map Genie

Another way to get these seeds is through Berk the Travelling Trader. You can easily buy the same from him for 45 Silver coins. And if you want to find Berk, just go to Dawnbreak Village. This village is located near Dunley Farmlands and so, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

How to Farm the Seeds in the Game

Instead of going back and forth from the Farmlands, you can farm your own sunflower seeds on your castle grounds. While the pastures of the Farmlands may keep your vampire fit, it surely isn’t always safe.

To ensure that your most valuable resources are always a stone’s throw away, here is how you can farm sunflower seeds in V Rising:

  • Go to Production
  • Click on Fundamentals
  • Access the Border tool through the Build menu
  • Now, mark an area of your grounds with a border
  • Drag the sunflower seeds into the Action Bar
  • Select the seeds and plant them anywhere within the marked area
  • Now, wait for a few in-game days

You should now have your resources ready for harvesting!

This was how to find the best locations of sunflower seeds in V Rising. As well as how to farm them efficiently in the game.

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